A utopian glimpse into a future built on solar power

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A utopian glimpse into a future built on solar power

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A utopian glimpse into a future built on solar power

InEnglish industrialist Lord William Armstrong predicted that his homeland would stop its coal production within two centuries. In —12 years before Thomas Edison began installing public power plants in London and New York — Armstrong constructed a hydroelectric power plant near his country home, Cragsidethat used water from a man-made lake to drive dynamos.

Cragside was the first house in the world to be lit with hydroelectric power.

British coal production rose from about 75 million tonnes [ billion pounds] annually in to almost million tonnes [ billion pounds] in British coal production has been in decline for decades and now sits at just 12 million tonnes [ On a global scale, coal is still in use as a fuel source, but that use is declining fast as well — falling to below five percent of the global energy mix for the first time in I remember the first time I became aware of the vast infrastructure that provides power to the world around us.

I was 11 years old and playing SimCity The subject has fascinated me ever since. But this is a two-way conversation, and we want to hear from you. You can pitch us stories about any energy-related topics, respond to what we post on Medium by clicking the little speech bubble button at the bottom of the page, or highlight and share anything that catches your eye.

You can get started by taking a look at our bibliography of the best long reads on power and energy. Induring a demonstration of his technology, he said: What will industry do then?

You can find more articles on the same topic here.A Glimpse Into the Future of Transportation August 20th, Imagine if all the energy utilities in the world got rid of their fossil fuel powered .

The energy storage capacity and power output potential of the 2, homes would be aggregated into a virtual power plant (VPP) that allows the collective to negotiate and respond to needs of the.

Transitioning to a solar economy would allow us to increase global energy use tenfold by tapping into just 1% of the solar radiation that reaches the land’s surface. Note that I did not argue that global energy use should be multiplied tenfold, only used this as example of the solar power potential.

A Glimpse Into the Future. he's trying to harness solar power more efficiently than is done by photovoltaic cells. The piece details Johnson's life . But this is Masdar City, an $18bn (£11bn) Norman Foster-designed project where just a few hundred people are guinea pigs in the world's most advanced laboratory for hi-tech environmental technology.

Watch video · Ultra-light, ultra-thin solar cells offer glimpse of the future. This could be the future of solar power AM ET Thu, "Looking further into the future, it will be about not just.

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