Artificial intelligence thesis proposals

In one interpretation it is that the past has predetermined the sequence which is about to unfold—and so I believe that how we have gotten to where we are in Artificial Intelligence will determine the directions we take next—so it is worth studying that past.

Artificial intelligence thesis proposals

Hire Writer The main problem faced these days in AI is what we call it as consciousness.

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This term if used in AI leads you a way more big problem, that because the computers can grow larger, more connected and more powerful, but can they acquire consciousness? Project Summary In modern science fiction, AI are not necessarily limited by the fundamental problems of perception, knowledge representation, common sense reasoning, or learning.

Artificial intelligence thesis proposals

AI has appeared in fiction as a servant R2D2a comrade Lt. Commander Dataa technology expanding human ability Ghost in the Shella conqueror With Folded Handsan exterminator Terminator, Battlestar Galacticaa manager Portal video game.

Some realistic potential consequences of AI investigated in fiction are decreased labor demand, the enhancement of human ability or experience, and a need for redefinition of human identity and basic values or a threat to existing identity and values.

One area of speculation focuses on potential disaster. Though in fiction AI are often aware and capable of feeling, the phenomena that allow these experiences are not understood, and as such, there is no theoretical basis for their synthesis.

Current theories provide for machines that can replicate or surpass all external human behavior, but not necessarily human experience. Many portrayals of AI in science fiction deal either with person-like or sentient AI, but the technology of AI appears in many other forms.

I will be using Microsoft Office for my Project and will be gathering information from the internet and the library and also my personal experience references. Conclusion Thus, the problems faced in Artificial Intelligence are uncountable but not unsolvable.

As I am a lot motivated with this concept, I would like to go in deep and research the problems and their possible solutions in my Project.José Font is a tenured assistant professor at Malmö University and holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

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The intelligence explosion idea was expressed by statistician I.J. Good in []. Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of .


Master in Artificial Intelligence. Research Plan Public Defense. The academic year of the second enrolment, each student must do a public presentation of his/her Research plan.

[FoR&AI] The Origins of “Artificial Intelligence” – Rodney Brooks

The . Artificial intelligence Proposal Abstract In my Proposal I will be focus on finding solutions for problems which are complex and hard to understand by human mind. It’ll also include focusing on features which are taken from human intelligence, and dealing with them in a computer friendly way.

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