Can you think of some reasons

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Can you think of some reasons

Actually, consuming supplements like whey protein concentrate and whey protein bars may do you more harm than good.

The dark side of protein supplementation Whey protein supplements — in particular whey protein powders — are among the most popular supplements on the market today, largely because conventional wisdom suggests that a daily protein shake or two is a great addition to an otherwise healthy diet — especially for those who strength train on a regular basis.

I know that the statement that whey protein consumption is unhealthy is controversial, and that a lot of people will criticize this view and do everything they can to defend the chocolate-flavoured, fast-absorbing whey protein powder they have in their kitchen cupboard.

When I first started strength training on a regular basis more than 10 years ago, I too was led to believe that I should include protein supplements in my diet, and for several years, I consumed one or two protein shakes a day. At the time, my intake of protein-rich, real food was lower than optimal, so naturally, protein supplementation helped enhance my muscle-building efforts.

However, I also experienced some health issues during this time, some of which I now know were partly caused by whey protein consumption. The purpose of this article is to highlight the potential adverse effects — which are rarely mentioned in discussions about protein supplementation — of consuming whey protein, and to provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision regarding whether you should include protein supplements in your diet or not.

Actually, I think the vast majority of people would benefit from eating more protein. Rather, my point is that you are best off getting all of your protein from real, minimally processed food.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I find this to be the case… 1.


Whey protein powder is an evolutionarily novel, processed food product with an abnormal nutrient composition The nutrient composition of whey protein powder is very different from that of whole foods such as salmon, eggs, and beef.

The evolutionary lens allows us to look past current dietary trends and dogma and establish what types of foods humans are best adapted to eat. As all of the readers of this blog know well, there has been inadequate time and selection pressure for the human body to adapt to many of the recent changes in the human diet.

This quote highlights some of the potential problems with milk and certain other dairy products: Milk is an incredible amalgamation of nutrients, proteins and hormones that have only recently been discovered and appreciated.

It certainly is not the pure white liquid, high in calcium, vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals portrayed by milk manufacturers and their lobbyists. As such, it contains almost all of the hormones, immunological factors, and body altering proteins that are found in pure cow blood.

However, I wanted to briefly discuss one of the main problems with the aforementioned evolutionarily novel foods, namely that they have a nutrient composition that is very different from that of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and other foods that were a part of the preagricultural hominin diet.

Of particular importance to this post: Is this a problem? Yes, the scientific literature clearly shows that it is. When compared to the types of foods our Paleolithic ancestors consumed, these foods have a poor micronutrient density and satiety index score and an extremely high calorie and fat densityamong other things.

The story for evolutionarily novel foods with a very high concentration of carbohydrate e.

Can you think of some reasons

What about foods with a very high concentration of protein? Mixing concentrated and isolated whey protein with whole food e. Rather, they just mix their protein powder with some water and then drink it. The evolutionary template predicts that there are some adverse health effects associated with the consumption of whey protein supplements.

As I will show in the coming steps, the scientific literature also suggests that this is the case.

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Whey protein can destabilize the gut microbiota Some of the adverse health effects of whey protein consumption are probably mediated by the gut microbiota.

As I briefly mentioned in the last section, foods that either have a very high concentration of fat e. Could a very concentrated source of protein, such as whey protein powder, have some of the same effects?

This makes complete sense to me, as whey protein powder is a processed food item with a nutrient composition that is very different from that of natural, whole foods. Not only that, but as I mentioned in section 1, whey proteins are an evolutionarily novel part of the adult human diet. Some of these substances have potent antibacterial action, which is one of the reasons why breastfed babies have a gut microbiota that is largely composed of a specific set of lactic acid bacteria Breast milk selects for the growth of a specific set of bacteria.

Can you think of some reasons

This suggests that milk consumption particularly concentrated sources of certain components found in milk, such as whey shakes may be problematic for adult gut flora. Whey protein contains many antibacterial compounds e.

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