Character profile homer yannos

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Character profile homer yannos

Greece Coming from a Greek background, Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities. Before the invasion, Homer is a trouble-maker with no directions in life. As the war progresses, he becomes the natural leader of the group, while an implicit rivalry starts between him and the resourceful Ellie.

His best friend is able to see him changing quickly, despite her denial. His arrogance is a shield he uses to avoid facing disappointments.

He falls in love with Fi, and takes the situation as a challenge to win her heart. You ought to give her a chance. He had such imagination and sense that I could hardly believe it. At school he was like Attila the Wog.

Character profile homer yannos

I mean, honestly Homer, you have to admit, you were hopeless, just lounging around all day with your shirt out, making smart comments.

The day this started, you changed. It was an ugly scene. In fact, him saying it made it seem so possible that it was almost as if it had happened already.

That was the power of the spoken word.

Ellie Linton

Homer had put us back on our feet and got us dancing again. When something happens, something that could be dangerous, your mind can go crazy with fear.

It sees snakes and crocodiles and men with machine guns. What you have to do is to put a bridle on it, rein it in. Being brave is a choice you make. I refuse to think fear or panic. It was so rare for him to admit he was wrong about anything that I bit back the joke I was going to make.

But he had just proved how much wiser he was these days. I gave him a wink and felt for his hand, getting a good grip on it.Homer Yannos. Homer is described as being of Greek heritage, and being big and strong, as well as sexy. Ellie entertains thoughts of a relationship with him, but determines that he's more like a big brother and any attraction is 'very physical'.

“If you keep going like this, you’ll lose your reputation. Aren’t you meant to be just a wild and crazy guy?“ Name: Homer Yannos Age: 16 Origin: Greece Coming from a Greek background, Homer is forceful and domineering and has trouble dealing with other strong personalities.

He’s Ellie’s best friend and neighbour. They have always. Homer Yannos is forceful and has trouble getting along with strong personalities. He has been Elli’s best friend and neighbour from a very young age and also have a brother, sister relationship.

He gets in trouble a lot with the police. Character Analysis Homer is Ellie's go-to guy, her brother-from-another-mother and one of her oldest friends. Since Ellie's our leading lady, it's safe to say that Homer's a pretty important character in Tomorrow, When the War Began.

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Homer Yannos has appeared in the following books: Tomorrow, When the War Began (Tomorrow, #1), The Dead of Night (Tomorrow, #2), A Killing Frost (Tomorro. Tomorrow, When the War Began, then, is the whole truth and nothing but it from Ellie's perspective.

Ellie's perspective isn't just honest, though; it's super detailed, too. For instance, check out this description she offers up about a tree in Hell.

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