Child care law and social work essay

Child protection policy and reform Essay: Child protection policy and reform The Australian Institute of Family Studies AIFS Child Family and Community Australia CFCA identified that the current approach to child protection in Australia has acknowledged the roles the state and territory governments must play in protecting all children from abuse and neglect.

Child care law and social work essay

Law plays a number of important roles in the practice of social work. Many social work clients are involved in legal systems, such as child protection, criminal justice, or mental health.

Social workers need to be aware of the laws that regulate each system in order to help clients navigate their way through these systems more effectively, and to be able to advocate for law reform to improve the goodness of fit between clients and their socio-legal environments.

Second, hospitals, schools, social assistance, correctional institutions, mental health facilities, and other social agencies are regulated by organization-specific laws.

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Organization-specific laws may dictate who is eligible for services, standards for record keeping, confidentiality, and other client rights. Social workers need to understand these laws in order to ensure that their agencies comply with the laws, and to be able to advocate for changes in the law to promote greater social and economic justice.

Third, the profession of social work itself is regulated by various laws. Most states have licensing or accreditation laws that regulate the practice of social work, including who may practice and what standards of practice are legally enforceable.

Social workers should also be aware of malpractice tort laws that identify when a social worker may be legally responsible for causing harm to a client if they perform their professional duties in a manner that falls below a reasonable standard of care.

Finally, some social workers practice in forensic settings, providing investigations, evaluation, expert testimony, and treatment for clients involved in court or other legal systems.

Such settings include probation, parole, prison, child custody evaluation, and involuntary committal to mental health institutions. Introductory Works The resources listed here provide overall introductions to social work and the law, as well as to law and the legal system more generally.

For basic overviews and explanations of legal terms, some of the older materials may be sufficient. For specific laws and how they apply in specific circumstances, readers should refer to the most current sources.

Madden and Alexander provide two of the more recent and comprehensive introductions to social work and the law. Stein offers one of the most accessible introductions to the legal system and the philosophy of law. Law and social work practice: A legal systems approach.

Provides a clear explanation of the legal system, including judicial and legislative processes, as well as areas of law most relevant to social workers. Information on rapidly evolving topics such as same-sex marriage has become dated. Understanding legal concepts that influence social welfare policy and practice.

Describes laws pertaining to child welfare, mental health, professional liability. Designed to help readers understand the relevance of laws to social welfare policy and practice with emphasis on macro issues. Brayne, Hugh, and Helen Carr. Law for social workers.

Essential law for social workers.Child protective services is an integral piece of the puzzle of today’s healthy society. In recent times, a concerned eye has been turned to the way policies and practices are used in areas of child protection and in the treatment and support of the families and child’s welfare.

This free Social work essay on Essay: Child protection policy and reform is perfect for Social work students to use as an example. the adequacy of arrangements for children in out of home care, the adequacy of resources and child protection systems and other matters agreed by the Commissioner and the Minister.

Child care law and social work essay

The inquiry leads to. Child Care Case Study Social Work Essay. Print duty of the referral and assessment team is to ascertain the degree of need of the child and the degree of risk to the child.

The social worker may initiate an initial assessment using the multi agency Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (DoH, b) which must. Protect Service Users Human Rights Social Work Essay. ASQ (Law) The law is an instrument to protect service user’s ‘human rights’.

. Child Care Principles in Social Work This paper seeks to explore the principles of collaborative work and highlight why it is necessary that inter-agency work is successful and .

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