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Conspiracy theories[ edit ] As a guest on a YouTube show called Conspiracy Queries in NovemberDore said that "conspiracy theorist" is "such an empty, meaningless term.

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Conspiracy theories[ edit ] As a guest on a YouTube show called Conspiracy Queries in NovemberDore said that "conspiracy theorist" is "such an empty, meaningless term. So that's what makes me suspect.

They call them truthers. They name them so you can dismiss them. Are you a Tower 9 Dore dore q a You mean Building 7? Or is it Building 7 or? Well there is no explanation for that and everyone just pretends like you're a maniac.

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It's that same shit. It's like the big lie. Has a building, has a steel structure, fallen since from fire? None ever fell before either. And Building 7 fell and it wasn't hit by fucking anything. Have you heard of an explanation for the Building 7 falling?

Popular Mechanics which, you know, dismissed the whole thing.

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They spent a lot of time going into it and then the conspiracy buffs-- Dore: That is bull-- Well, I'll have to, you know what, I'll have to look up the Popular Mechanics Building 7 theory because whatever it is it has got to be bullshit.

There is no fucking way. What I heard, according to Popular Mechanics, that metal doesn't melt-- steel doesn't melt-- Dore: Yeah, you have to get it at a certain temperature. Jet fuel doesn't even burn at a hot enough temperature to melt that kind of material. Plus and that stuff was fireproofed.

Dore dore q a

That stuff was fireproofed anyway. Those buildings were built to withstand a fucking jet crashing into them and they took it easily. Two jets flew into those towers. They took them easily. I'm saying that there are a lot of questions that are not answered because we haven't had the proper investigation.

At the very least the Bush administration let it happen. Because those hijackers are not that brilliant.

And I didn't even want to get into the World Trade Center falling down. I'll go so far as to say I'll buy their explanation of why the World Trade Centers collapsed even though it fell in ten seconds and there's so many problems with the theory.

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