Essays on breast feeding

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Argumentative essay breastfeeding Essay Sample Many of the long-term benefits attributed to breast-feeding may be an effect not of breast-feeding or breast milk itself but of the general good health and prosperity of women who choose to breast-feed.

Essays on breast feeding

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Many decisions such as what doctor will assist you, what kinds of things you must buy, diapers, childcare and even fun decisions such as what name will you give your baby are among the many things parents must discuss and decide on.

Research suggests that breastfeeding is more beneficial for a mother and child, because of the immunologic benefits, psychological benefits, positive effects on infant development and also financially. Scientifically, breastfeeding is known as lactation. Lactation is known as the time period in which a mother secretes milk for her infant.

When reading through the history of lactation and the practice of breastfeeding, it is said that women need good health and a large supply to feed her child.

It was a law in the Ancient times for citizens to respect breastfeeding women. The Bible contains references that claimed breastfeeding mothers were promised blessing of goodness and kindness. Over the years breastfeeding has changed with parenting trends.

Essays on breast feeding

Scientific results of the benefits of breastfeeding have reestablished the normalcy of breastfeeding and the importance to do so Mark It is said that during World War II, more women worked outside the home which caused an increase in formula feeding. It is harder for a working mother to keep the supply of milk going when she is away from her child more often without the resources to help keep it up.

Today with new research, more available information, professionals and equipment such as breast pumps, it is easier for new mothers to gain knowledge on doing so Younger How does breastfeeding work? Breastfeeding is the most natural form of food for an infant baby.

In the first stage of lactation, the baby receives the colostrum. It is important to introduce the baby to the breast during the first hour of life. Colostrum has immunological properties to help protect your baby against any first germs with anti-infective agents that helping against allergic sensitivities.

The colostrum contains high concentrations of sIgA, secretory immunoglobulin A, which is an anti-infective agent that coats the intestines protecting the infant from allergic sensitivities.

Breastfeeding works in a supply and demand fashion. The more the baby is suckling the more it tells the body to produce.

It is important for the mother to be consistent with feedings and not supplement during the early stages unless suggested by a health care provider. It is suggested that a lactating mother consume to additional calories a day Mark As the baby grow and eats more, the body will continue to produce the amount of milk that is being demanded.

It is also very important for the mother to stay hydrated and continue to eat healthy. Formula is the alternative other than breast milk. Many mothers will choose to not breastfeed or will supplement at times with formula.

Whether a mother decides to formula feed or breastfeed, infant nutrition during the early stages of development is very important.

Infant formulas have been modified over the years to improve flavor, increase shelf life and attempt to mirror human breast milk.

Manufacturers are often trying to add new ingredients to get the composition of formula to match up. Before the modern times of formula, human milk substitutes have existed. It is now said that a baby must be a year old before given cows milk and is suggested to be Vitamin D.

Therefore, until that age, the chosen supplement is formula. There are important safety issues that manufacturers must follow and demonstrate with making infant formula. Things to be considered include infancy being a very vulnerable period, gastrointestinal as well as renal function, immune function, and brain and behavior systems.

Brain and neurological functions could be affected if an infant was exposed to a harmful substance in formula so it is very important to get all ingredients correct and checked for safety Infant Formula Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is known to be the highest standard of infant nutrition.Access to over , complete essays and term papers; and even the infamous middle-of-the-night feeding, the menu items are either breast milk or infant formula.

For any woman planning to have children, making the decision of how to feed their baby is a crucial one. Exclusive breastfeeding means feeding the baby breast milk only /5(11). Breast Feeding This paper seeks to address the quantitative analysis of breastfeeding and its relation to various factors such as socio- demography, the willingness to breastfeed and the attitudes that are associated with this practice.

Although many people believe that breast feeding puts undue stress on a new mother, ultimately, as a mother, you will be responsible for every single feeding that your child experiences. Sure, it is true that you can pump the breasts in order to store milk or allow others to feed the baby; this can also prove to be a .

CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION Breast milk is the effective way of ensuring child health, Breast feeding is widely accepted as a optimal feeding for the infants due to health benefits it offers to the child.

Breast feeding is the feeding of a baby directly from the breast milk of a female human breast whereas bottle feeding is referred to as feeding a baby with milk from a nursing bottle. Many people argue that breast feeding is the most beneficial way of . Published: Fri, 12 May Human milk is uniquely engineered for human infants, and is the biologically or natural way to feed infants.

Breastfeeding, in comparison to feeding breast milk substitutes such as infant formula, has numerous health benefits.

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