Fear of rejection

Comment Feeling rejected hurts. It undermines your confidence and makes you doubt your worth. Trapped by a horrible feeling of worthlessness, you might let your fear of rejection stop you from even trying to achieve your dreams.

Fear of rejection

A rejection is nothing more Fear of rejection a necessary step in the pursuit of success. What Exactly is the Fear of Rejection? No matter what it is, one thing is clear, this is a very debilitating fear that significantly influences your daily choices, decisions, and action.

For this very reason, your irrational fear of rejection is likely to impact your career prospectsyour relationship with others, as well as your everyday social interactions.

Here, in our exploration, we will investigate how to better understand the fear of rejection. However, you may also be interested in learning more about how to handle your fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection

You hold back your opinions about certain things because you fear that other people might disapprove or disagree. As a result, you end up copying how other people act, talk, and dress.

Subsequently, you begin to live this illusory life that has absolutely no basis in reality. There is, of course, nothing wrong with modeling other people. You do it all the time.

Fear of rejection

In fact, everybody does it all the time without conscious thought or awareness. Modeling comes from your intention to improve yourself and your livelihood.

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In other words, you are modeling others to improve yourself. On the other hand, copying is something that you do out of fear. You temporarily lose touch with who you are in a feeble attempt to please other people.

This implies that you have an external locus of control, which means that your entire livelihood, happinessand fulfillment in life is dependent on external factors.

All the emotions you experience are primarily based on what other people think and say about you. As a result, your life is an emotional roller coaster ride.

You have essentially lost all sense of identity and consistently struggle to find self-acceptance. You Succumb to Excessive Neediness You might not realize this, but your fear of rejection is coming across as a sense of neediness.

How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection and Regain Your Self-Confidence

You rely on other people to make you feel happy, you crave positive attention, and you find it extremely difficult to say no. As a result, they will either manipulate you for their own purposes, or they will simply take you for granted.

Either way, you lose. People like to associate with individuals who are confident and who value their own personal worth. These are the kind of people that are rarely manipulated or taken for granted. They are the kind of people you should model and aspire to become.

You Fall Victim to Feelings of Guilt and Dissatisfaction To live with the fear of rejection is to live a life of extreme dissatisfaction and guilt.

All this, of course, stems back to a lack of self-esteem, which essentially sits at the core of our feelings of rejection.But too much fear, like a super-beam of light blinding the ship's captain, can cause the loss of the very thing we feared losing.

And this may be especially true when it comes to fear of rejection. Take Kelly; her fear was taking over her life and damaging her relationships. "I was always the new kid, trying desperately to be accepted, to fit in!

Rejection, and the fear of being rejected, ranks among the most potent and distressing of every day events that people experience. Understanding Rejection Emotional rejection is the feeling a person experiences when disappointed .

However, it is possible to overcome the fear of rejection and develop a healthier level of self-confidence. Whether you’re dealing with a fear of rejection in relationships, in your career, in your friendships or simply in every part of your life, there are techniques you can use to move forward.

Jul 05,  · Fear of rejection is universal. But research has answers to the right way to approach situations where we might be rejected -- and how to cope when it does.

Fear of rejection is universal. But research has answers to the right way to approach situations where we might be rejected -- and how to cope when it does. Many examples of fear of rejection will be part of Borderline Personality Disorder (actually, fear of abandonment rather than rejection) or Social Phobia (in the form of fear of being judged).

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