Five steps to successful writing at work

Five key steps comprise a standardized framework for customer journey mapping that can be scaled to any scope or timeline. One common frustration about the process of customer journey mapping is the lack of organization-wide or even industry-wide standardization.

Five steps to successful writing at work

Lawmakers broadened the law to include the Privacy Rule which went into effect on April 14, This guideline describes the basic steps you must take to comply with the Privacy Rule. However, you or whoever is in charge of the Privacy Rule should learn more about state and federal privacy law.

The two links at the end of this guideline have several documents you can download, at no charge, to clarify and explain in greater detail, every aspect of the law. We would like to thank Mike Chatalein for providing this information for inclusion in this issue of Solutions Who Must Comply with the Privacy Rule If you are a paper-based practice, meaning you do not transmit patient information electronically, compliance to the Privacy Rule is voluntary.

However, for most practices, the speed, accuracy and cost savings of electronic billing is more beneficial than the HIPAA hassle. In fact, a different part of HIPPA simplifies electronic transactions which will save the industry billions over the next ten years.

Telephone and fax transmissions are not included in the definition. Otherwise, all healthcare practices must comply with the Privacy Rule. PHI includes all medical records and health information of an individual. You may control PHI in many forms: Set up office policy, implementation procedures and training for your staff.

Inform patients of their rights and support those rights. Limit access of patient information to businesses outside the practice. In small practices, this can be the doctor or office manager.

In large practices, it may be a full-time job for a few weeks and a part-time job thereafter. For example, record the date you install a door lock to your file room. Take any steps needed to keep all PHI under your control private and secure. Create and update a Privacy Notice for your patients, a privacy policy for the staff, staff training material and other paperwork.

Arrange for all patients to receive and sign the Privacy Notice acknowledgement form. Help individuals who wish to see and review their files, receive copies of their files, request changes to their PHI or other requests or questions.

Keep records of Privacy Rule activities including who has been trained and when, who has keys or combination codes, patients and outside parties who have requested PHI, patient complaints, patient requests and so on. Store all forms and records related to the Privacy Rule for at least six years.

Ask the Practice Owner for approval of your filing system. For example, will you keep the Privacy Rule paperwork in patient files, in separate Privacy Rule files or both.

Plug any PHI leaks as they come up. Learn and implement state privacy rules that apply to the practice.

five steps to successful writing at work

You probably keep PHI private and secure already, so being in compliance will not be difficult. To comply with this part of the Privacy Rule, simply accept responsibility and use your judgement for keeping all PHI secure and private.

The law does not require you to replace your file cabinets or build new walls. For example, perhaps you can change the file room door knob without a lock, to a door knob with a lock. Many file cabinets have a metal piece at the top you can punch out to install a lock.

Many practices simply change the burglar alarm code.

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Another good idea is to install door locks that you open with a combination code instead of a key. The Privacy Officer should look through the practice, list all the potential PHI leaks and get them plugged.

He or she should make a list of all changes made to prove, if needed some day, that the practice made reasonable efforts to comply.

Computers Give all computer users their own computer password. Set up your software to limit access to PHI to those who need it to do their jobs.

Keep computer backup copies secured or locked up. Position computer screens so people passing by cannot read any PHI. Set up screen savers that blank out the screen when not in use for a few minutes and require passwords to open again.

If you send or receive PHI through email, you need to encrypt the messages. An email system like http: When an employee leaves, cancel their computer password. Files and Papers Keep patient files and charts locked up when not in use.Feb 10,  · This article is showing clearly that these five steps to a writing are not only necessary but indispensable to a successful writing: Preparation; Research; Organization; Writing Revision; Whether or not the order of these five steps is followed, I’m convinced that any writer will achieve an excellent result.

If we truly care about all Australian children and young people becoming literate I believe it is vital we understand and define the complexity of literacy. The conflation of different terms like reading instruction and literacy is not very useful.

While reading is part of literacy, literacy is a. Writing a business report doesn't have to be hard and time-consuming. Using these five basic will make everything so much easier.

With these easy steps, you can write a clear and concise report, one that can help you establish a good impression on your readers.

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The 5 Secrets of Successful Writers. Just follow these 5 steps, and writing success is in the palm of your hands – not those of strangers: 1. Whatever makes your approach to writing work, do it.

Plenty of writers have abandoned a book and then used themes from it .

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