Guns dont kill

Guns don't kill people, people do. Both guns and people kill; guns make it easier. Summary This sound bite misses the point; people are indeed ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger, but the national murder rate would surely fall if widespread gun availability didn't make it so incredibly easy to kill another human being. Argument This frequent pro-gun slogan is something that, upon reflection, seems entirely true.

Guns dont kill

By Chuck Baldwin September 21, Here we go again. We have another mass shooting at yet another "gun-free" zone. Not only was the location a "gun-free" zone, it was located inside the nation's capital, which has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the entire country.

I thought gun-control laws and "gun-free" zones were supposed to protect people from gun violence. If one listens to the vast majority of talking heads on network and cable news shows, including Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough, that is exactly what we are led to believe. But in reality, just the opposite is true.

And in truth, guns don't kill people; gun-control laws kill people. This is the second time in recent memory when some wacko shoots up a military installation.

The first killer was a Muslim; this one was a Buddhist. He also happened to be a black man and an Obama supporter. This combination must drive the politically-correct mainstream media and the left-wing extremist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLCbatty. According to these folks, the only people who commit gun violence are angry Christian white guys.

But as most of us know, no race or religion or political affiliation has a monopoly on criminal conduct.

To beat the NRA, don’t focus on guns. Focus on keeping them away from dangerous people.

Unless it's those miscreants in Washington, D. True to form, the idiotic Washington press corps initially reported that the killer used an AR rifle. To their chagrin, it turned out he used a shotgun. This hasn't stopped gun-hater Senator Dianne Feinstein from immediately calling for more gun control.

And the White House is saying Barack Obama is going to issue some kind of anti-gun executive orders. Leave it to a lame duck Marxist President to try to bypass Congress and ignore the overwhelming majority of the American people including Democrats who have made it clear they are in no mood to accept any additional gun control.

It was only a few days ago when two liberal anti-gun legislators who spearheaded the drive for egregious gun-control laws in the State of Colorado were recalled from office. And they won't be the only ones. Come next year, there will be a host of anti-gun legislators all over the country who are going to be given their walking papers by their respective electorates.

Dr. Bo's Criteria for Logical Fallacies:

The only states where it is safe for politicians to promote gun control are socialist states such as New York, Massachusetts, and California.

By and large, the American people have had all of the gun control laws they can stomach. They have drawn their line in the sand. They are not only voting at the ballot box, they are voting with their pocketbooks. Gun manufacturers and retail stores cannot keep up with the demand for guns and ammo.

Mind you, this DC killer had passed at least two background checks by the US military; he had what is called a "secret" clearance; he was given an honorable discharge from the United States Navy; he had been awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.

So, pray tell, please explain how any existing gun-control laws — or any future gun-control laws — would have been able to prevent this guy from doing what he did?

In fact, the gun-control laws that Obama, Feinstein, et al, are clamoring for are the very laws that contributed to the deaths of those 12 innocent victims. Had these victims been allowed and encouraged to carry their own arms for self-defense, the death toll would doubtless have been much less.

But this is the same story in every single one of these mass shootings.Online shopping from a great selection at Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Store.

Guns dont kill

The only way to make guns to look more dangerous is to include all gun-related homicides (about 12,) and suicides (about 17,). This brings the total to% – just slightly higher than the car accident death rate. Jan 16,  · If guns intrinsically require a person arming them to kill, then they are not doing the killing.

On the flip side, a person can kill without a gun, suggesting that killing and guns are independent. Jul 21,  · In countries where guns are restricted people kill with knives, clubs, stones, suicide vests, car bombs. The culture of anger and killing is not related to the weapons or methods used.

Focusing on the instrument is not helpful in attempting to transform the culture. Excerpt: ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People.’ And Other Myths About Guns and Gun Control The bumper-sticker arguments of the NRA and its allies have an impact on the gun debate that.

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