Management business presentation example

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Management business presentation example

Apart from the United States, few countries use the death penalty. Only China and Iran execute more people than the U. No member of the European Union uses it.

Under the European convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, it is regarded as a human rights violation, so no nation can be admitted to the European Union if it still has the death penalty on its books.

When he was governor of Texas, that state had more executions than any other, and Bush signed death warrants more than any previous governor of Texas, or any other American governor in modern times. Typically, he made his life-and-death decision after a half-hour briefing with his legal counsel.

Only once, as governor of Texas, did he stop an execution. Is it inconsistent to oppose the killing of embryos or management business presentation example, yet support the death penalty? Bush has said Some advocates of life will challenge why I oppose abortion yet support the death penalty.

To me, its the difference between innocence and guilt.

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Since humans are fallible, any legal system that puts large numbers of people to death will risk executing people innocent of the crimes for which they were charged. Several studies list people who have been condemned to death, and in some cases executed, who were later shown to be innocent.

The Death Penalty Information Center has a list of people wrongfully sentenced to death in the U. When Florida Supreme Court Justice Gerald Kogan retired, he said that there were several cases in which he had grave doubts about the guilt of people executed in Florida. President Bushs attitude about the risk of putting to death innocent people is in sharp contrast to another Republican governor who was once a supporter of the death penalty.

George Ryan of Illinois became concerned about the risk of putting innocent people to death when an investigation by a journalism class at Northwestern University proved that another man committed a murder for which Anthony Porter, a death-row inmate for 16 years, was about to be executed.

Ryan stated, Our capital system is haunted by the demon of error, error in determining guilt and error in determining who among the guilty should die. Just before he left office, Ryan felt that he could no longer live with the risk of executing the innocent he commuted all death sentences in Illinois to terms of imprisonment.

Bush has said I support the death penalty because I believe, if administered swiftly and justly, capital punishment is a deterrent against future violence and will save other innocent lives. In the third of his debates with Al Gore, moderator Jim Lehrer asked Bush whether he thought that the death penalty actually deters crime.

Bush said, I do thats the only reason to be for it. Let me finish that I dont think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I dont think thats right.

management business presentation example

I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other peoples lives. Since it is easy to compare murder rates before and after the abolition or reinstitution of the death penalty, or in different jurisdictions that do or do not have the death penalty, there is plenty of relevant data.

For example, after the USSC ruling that the death penalty is constitutional, a dozen states chose not to enact laws allowing it.

These states have not had higher homicide rates than the states that did enact a law. In fact, 10 of them have had homicide rates lower than the national average. South Dakota has it, North Dakota does not. The homicide rate is higher in South Dakota.

Connecticut has it, Massachusetts does not. Again, the homicide rate is higher in the state that has the death penalty. Homicide rates have risen and fallen in roughly symmetrical patterns in states with and without the death penalty, indicating that the death penalty has little effect on the incidence of homicide.Oct 08,  · Presentations.

Presentations and reports are ways of communicating ideas and information to a group.

management business presentation example

But unlike a report, a presentation carries the speaker's personality better and allows immediate interaction between all the participants.

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About Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a management process which is used to assess vulnerabilities and risks which can affect the working and operations of .

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