Marketing mix for sandals resort

On Ambergris Caye, you will find several doctors, who run their own private clinics. If you're traveling to the Cayes to sun, swim, fish and dive, there are a few health precautions to take.

Marketing mix for sandals resort

That was the seemingly simple question we set out to answer when we first began to research the review article you are currently reading. Sandalsas you may know, is a chain of all-inclusive beach resorts with properties in a handful of Caribbean countries including St.

Lucia, the Bahamas, Grenada and Antigua. The country with more Sandals resorts than any other — there are seven altogether — is Jamaica. But which of those seven Sandals should I choose for my vacation? With that specific question in mind — and with a skeptical view of Sandals in general — Spot Cool Stuff visited Marketing mix for sandals resort our their all-inclusive resorts on during our last trip to Jamaica.

Every one offers the same basic premise: For those looking to vacation with younglings in tow, Sandals has a sister brand, Beacheswhich runs excellent all-inclusive kid-friendly resorts.

Spot Cool Stuff admits to being a grumpy curmudgeon when it comes to the all-inclusive resort concept. Sure, your typical all-inclusive provides guests with free food and drink. Some all-inclusive resorts also have serious quality problems.

They lavish you with attention when trying to sell you on the resort. Then their desire to provide you with an optimal experience disappears the moment your credit card approval comes through. Sandals is refreshingly, and surprisingly to usdifferent. At Sandals, the food is excellent whole lobster, anyone?

Everything is made easy. Tipping is banned except for the butler service — see the review of the Sandals Royal Plantationbelow.

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It is also near effortless to get involved in the fun spirit of the resorts. At Sandals NegrilSpot Cool Stuff jumped in the pool for quick swim and then quickly found ourselves involved in a water volleyball game. After, the players all swam over to the bar where the bartenders had already prepared a row of shots for whoever wanted one.

Among the resort perks that are included in your Sandals room price: You could literally go diving every day during your resort stay and not pay any extra. Non-motorized and motorized water sports such as water skiing are included as is use of all sporting gear and facilities like tennis and racquetball courts and fitness centers with trainers.

A stay at Sandals is not exactly cheap, though we find it to be mostly high value. Some saying about getting what you pay for comes to mind. Then there are those things not included within the Sandals room rate. Also spa treatments, though Sandals does occasionally offers special deals that include spa credits — check their website.

Neither are optional excursions and tours of Jamaica. Worse, wifi internet is not included.

Marketing mix for sandals resort

Regular readers of Spot Cool Stuff know what a pet peeve this is of ours. When asked to explain the policy, a Sandals representative told us that the front desk will gladly check your flights and print out boarding passes for you, but that Sandals resorts are meant to be enjoyed in-person and not online.

Still, if you left for Jamaica without any cash or credit cards you could go to Sandals and have a luxurious, wonderful vacation.

Private island at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Visiting strategy As mentioned previously, Spot Cool Stuff is not one for visiting a country and spending all our time there within the sanitized confines of an all-inclusive resort. Not that we judge those who do — sometimes one needs to simply get away, stay in one place and have everything be easy.

But if you are interested in experiencing Jamaica beyond the luxury on offer at a Sandals resort, we have a few suggestions.

Marketing mix for sandals resort

In no particular order: Sandals runs its own charity program, The Sandals Foundationand are keen to arrange community volunteer activities for you upon request. Contact the foundation if you want to make use of your extra luggage space too.

There might be a school in need of pens, books, up-to-date maps, et al — you can visit the school to hand out the supplies yourself or Sandals will do it for you. On a trip to any developing country you can put your extra luggage space to good use — see our review of the cool Stuff Your Rucksack website.

You can arrange one after you arrive at Sandals. If you are a guest at one Sandals you can eat, drink and play at any other Sandals or Beaches resort at no additional cost.The Caribbean’s beauty, the warmth a, d the hospitality is world renowned.

It is an intoxicating mix of natural paradise and welcoming accommodations. SWOT Analysis Sandals Dr. Jill Novak, University of Phoenix, Texas A&M University Company History Sandals (Beaches) is a Caribbean Based Resort Hotel Chain, that was only recently established, but has proved to be highly successful, based on their innovative marketing concepts.

Introduction The MarBella Corfu occupies a prime location overlooking an exclusive beach, offering a quiet and relaxing environment for guests to sit back and take in the glorious Greek sunshine.

Alexandra Miro is a luxury swim and resort wear label launched in spring – it celebrates clean lines and minimalist design to showcase the female form at it’s most powerful and alluring.


Ready-to-wear. Drawing inspiration from the escaramuzas, the Cruise collection pays tribute to the world of horse riding while revisiting Dior’s precious design codes and savoir-faire.

The 26 specialty retail shops located throughout The Broadmoor make it easy to take a little piece of our resort home with you. With unique boutiques offering a variety of items including men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, fine arts, precious gems, spa products, and signature gifts - .

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