Oliver cromwell hero essay

Oliver Cromwell - Hero or villain? Oliver Cromwell — Hero or villain?

Oliver cromwell hero essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Oliver Cromwell: Essay Sample There have been a lot of heroic figures throughout the history of world.

They contributed their lives to their own nations, and sacrificed themselves as victims in order to achieve better goodness.

Oliver Cromwell is one of those heroic figures who contributed his entire life to take back the tradition of England, which was deteriorated by King Charles I. Cromwell is a controversial figure who still has people wondering. Even now in the new millennium, people are still contemplating his place in history- hero or villain?

Cromwell proudly took his place Oliver cromwell hero essay a documentary on the top ten best Britons, and ironically, also in the top ten worst Britons. In this essay I will assess whether these acts made him a hero or a villain, using contemporary views, quotes and other sources which give different interpretations.

Oliver cromwell hero essay

This quote is considered very biased as Cromwell being a puritan himself gave puritans greater freedom. He was said to have wanted a greater religious tolerance in the country, therefore he let Jews live in England for the first time sinceand let Quakers hold their own religious ceremonies.

What brave things he did, and oh how the neighbouring princes did fear him. So this just goes to prove the greatness of his leadership, and the braveness of his army.


Not only did he have an influence on his opposing enemies, but he even succeeded in uniting Britain. Some people believe the New Model Army was disciplined and efficient, with a great founder and military leader.

Ignoring the major bias in most sources and some research, they show Oliver Cromwell was a hero who never gave up on what he was trying. He helped the Parliament to fight against the king with his full courageous behaviour, and persuaded people to join his force.

Without his effort, the Parliament was never able to take back what the king had taken from them. His success not only took his traditions back, but also stopped entire nation becoming deteriorated by giving up its own religion.

Cromwell was a total patriot who contributed a large portion of his life into the nation fighting over the king who became an anti-patriot.

In some ways, this was believed to be a positive step forward for Cromwell. Cromwell nobly turned down the crown, as he knew his army would not forgive him for doing this after they fought for a democratic society.

His ambition overtook him and he crushed us underfoot and all that would oppose him he had removed. This goes to show how Cromwell turned own his own people by turning on his own words, and beliefs.

We were ruled before by king, lords, and Commons. Now we are ruled by a general, courts martial and the Commons. The levellers had support in London, and also in the army. And when Cromwell betrayed them, they began to cause trouble in the army, so Cromwell suppressed them, a number of army levellers who were leading it were shot.

Cromwell was undoubtedly wrong to execute the Levellers, as they had been loyal and fought for him in the New Model Army. The levellers helped put Cromwell in a position to change how the country was ruled, and in return they were executed.

Source E shows that Cromwell decided to put down the Irish Catholic rebellion once and for all. He showed no mercy: According to source H, between andthe country was governed by the Rump. There were no specific guidelines for this new combination of executive and legislative powers. Much of its work was done through committees.

One of its first actions was to set up the High Court of Justice, specially assembled for the trial of the King. The rebels, the Levellers and others made demands for reform of the law.

Lawyers were widely despised as corrupt; the legal system was over-complex, slow and expensive. He wanted them to pass laws that would give some religious groups the freedom to worship as they wished, he also wanted them to set up elections so that voters could choose whom they wanted in a new parliament.

Oliver cromwell hero essay

This action reminded people of Charles I and his intolerance for refusal. Charles I performed a similar act when he shut down parliament inbut was forced to call another Parliament in November After reviewing the sources given, and some research of my own, I learnt how Cromwell betrayed his followers, turned on his words, and unknowingly started performing actions just as those of king Charles I.

He believed strongly in the rights of poor people and did not use nobles just because of their position.Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain Essay It would helpful to place who is Oliver Cromwell before confirming whether he is a hero or scoundrel.

Mentioning some popular ideas about Oliver Cromwell. The aim of this essay, is to answer the long-awaited question 'Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain? This question, is a hard one to answer.

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Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain? Oliver Cromwell was a Puritan MP from Cambridgeshire when Charles I raised his standards in Nottingham, This was the start of the civil war. To understand whether Cromwell was a hero or a villain we cannot judge him based purely on the results of his actions, but gain a deeper understanding of the person and an insight into reasons for his actions.

Posted in: Oliver cromwell hero or villain essay. South Wales and England based business CMB Engineering has been named as a leader in people management practice globally, having been shortlisted in the Apprentice Employer of the Year category in The Investors in People Awards Oliver Cromwell a Hero or a Villain BY lokenl 12 Oliver Cromwell was born in 25 April in a town in England called Huntington.

He went to school at Huntington Grammar School then went to Sydney Sussex Collage at Cambridge.

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