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This chapter looks initially at software-only versus hardware-assisted Layer 3 L3 switching routingexamining the architectures used by each, which enables you to understand the limitations of software-based L3 switching and the advantages of hardware-based L3 switching.

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You learn about Multilayer switching MLSwhich represents an older Layer 3 switching technology used on older Catalyst switches and then learn about CEF-based Layer 3 switching, which is the current Layer 3 switching technology used on all next-generation Cisco Layer 3 switches e.

After introductory material, the following scenarios are presented in this chapter: Implementing inter-VLAN routing introduces several benefits, which include the following: Reduces broadcast domains, increasing network performance and efficiency.

Multilayer topologies based upon inter-VLAN routing are much more scalable and implement more efficient mechanisms for accommodating redundant paths in the network rewrite articles jobs equivalent flat Layer 2 topologies that rely on spanning tree alone.

Allows for centralized security access control between each VLAN.

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Increases manageability by creating smaller "troubleshooting domains," where the effect of a faulty network interface card NIC is isolated to a specific VLAN rather than the rewrite articles jobs network.

A popular approach to providing the benefits of inter-VLAN routing and also ensuring the performance of the LAN is not degraded has been to implement Layer 3 switches, which are essentially Layer 2 switches with a routing engine that is designed to specifically route traffic between VLANs in a LAN environment.

Using Layer 3 switches for inter-VLAN routing as opposed to traditional routers is popular and recommended for the following reasons: High performance routers are typically much more expensive than Layer 3 switches.

A Cisco router with an NSE engine provides a packet forwarding rate of 3. Of course, the Cisco router has many more features and can support a wide variety of WAN media options; however, many of these extra features are not required for inter-VLAN routing. Routers on the other hand typically have a much lower port density.

Layer 3 switching is cheap because Layer 3 switches are targeted specifically for inter-VLAN routing, where only Ethernet access technologies are used in high densities.

CCNP Practical Studies: Layer 3 Switching > Introduction to Layer 3 Switching

This makes it easy for Layer 3 switch vendors such as Cisco to develop high performance Layer 3 switches, as vendors can develop hardware chips known as application-specific integrated circuits or ASICs that specifically route traffic between Ethernet networks, without having to worry about the complexities of also supporting WAN technologies such as Frame Relay or ATM.

Figure illustrates the concept of Layer 3 switching. The L3 switch possesses specialized hardware chips called application-specific integrated circuits ASICs that are preprogrammed and designed to route between Ethernet ports at high speed.

A traditional router is connected to the L3 switch and handles the routing of any traffic that needs to be sent across the WAN. The router in the network is designed to handle the requirements of routing at T1 1.

Of course, you could purchase an expensive high-performance router with three Ethernet ports and a T1 interface; however, the cost associated with this approach is much higher. The cost associated with adding more routed Ethernet ports to the router e. Both terms are open to some interpretation; however, the distinction between both can perhaps be best explained by examining how an IP packet is routed.

The process of routing an IP packet can be divided into two distinct processes: Layer 3 routing generally refers to control plane operations. Whereas the control plane defines where an IP packet should be routed to, the data plane defines exactly how an IP packet should be routed.

This information includes the underlying Layer 2 addressing required for the IP packet so that it reaches the next hop destination, as well as other operations required on for IP routing, such as decrementing the time-to-live TTL field and recomputing the IP header checksum.President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law today.

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