Technology alienation and invasion

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Technology alienation and invasion

Technology and economic growth feed in to each other. Access to economic growth and technology is supposed to make life more comfortable. But the key paradox of economic and technological growth is that both of them tend to increase comfort and decrease the level of happiness.

While rapid economic growth can create access to income, it can also create the paradox of abundance - wherein quantity of money and comforts subvert and undermine the quality of time, life, living and environment.

Technology alienation and invasion

Economic growth is not a bad idea. But abundance can also create perpetual tension between the zest for freedoms and entrenched fears within and without. Such tensions can wake up the demons within the self and society - ceasing to trust each other, with increasing insecurity, paranoia and violence.

While embracing neo-liberal economic growth and new technologies, it is important for Africa to understand and appreciate the pros and cons of economic and technological growth.

However, bulldozing capitalism and economic growth of few elites superimposed on rather traditional societies can create new inequalities, individuation, paranoia and consequent violence.

Technology alienation and invasion

If only a minuscule minority get access to the fruits of economic growth and technology, it can indeed create an Economics of Violence. A shared sense of inequality and injustice become breeding grounds for alienation and reactionary violence.

This is evident on the streets of Johannesburg to Nairobi. Hence, it will be worthwhile to look at the experience of some of the fast growing economies in Asia. Most of the Asian countries too have a strong sense of community and collective ethics.

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But in the new flood of economic growth and technological invasion, new challenges are emerging. Technology is both the beauty and the beast at the same time. Technology is a double edged sword. Tool itself may not be political- but the use of tool is always an exercise of Power.

Technology has been the main protagonist in the drama of economic growth in the modern and post-modern times. Technology did make a difference to human condition, comforts and lives.

Technology has almost acquired God-like- power to create, sustain and destruct; and at the same time a means for the search for perfection; conquering stars and cloning life. The ground zero in New York, the blazing guns and exploding young men on a busy street symbolize the frightening dance of technology.

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It is the unequal and asymmetric access to technology that also propelled various kinds of dominations. Those who had access to horse breeding, gun powder, steam energy, ship technology, missiles, space technology used all these to create muscle power to dominate.

This power play and technology are still being played out across the world. The origin of this very technology- Internet- too is in the defense labs of the US. There is a clear connection between patterns of conquests, colonialisation, technology and natural resources.

Colony went where there was coal, timber, iron, and food. Railway lines happened wherever there were some resources to be ripped off.

The printing press created new politics of knowledge, and new rules for domination. Of course, printing press also unleashed a linguistic revolution- through hundreds of new grammar, new dictionaries, new Bibles and new books. Translations translated and transformed lives and times.

Shipping technology helped us to cross the sea to hold hands as well as to capture lands. The moment technology shifted from Steam based mechanics to Oil one could see the shift in focus of imperialism.

In a metro-line in Tokyo, most of the young people are glued to their mobile, playing games, browsing Internet, chatting with someone on line and they hardly even notice the person sitting next. While people are connecting with some in the distance, they are alienated from the person sitting or living next door.

The cyber world, social networking on the net etc creates different sort of virtual and imagined communities, while subverting and undermining human communities in real lives.

In counties like Japan, young people seem to be too busy to fall in or rise in love. Thirty thousand people commit suicide every year- one of the highest in the world.

When even love, passion and feeling get automated and orderly with sense of perfect routine, life becomes a boring burden: It has become a case of an economic society superimposed on a very traditional socio-cultural societywith pervading sense of new individuation and depoliticisation.Here is your chance to save the World from an alien invasion.

If reports are to be believed, the latest co-op action role-playing game will transform you into a “ruthless alien killing machine.” Alienation was released on the Playstation 4 consoles today. According to the Kotaku reports, Housemarque has developed an “alien murder simulator” through the game.

How do we keep humans aligned with advancing technology without alienation or an invasion of privacy? Gabriele talks with Tech Ethicist, David Ryan Polgar on what it means to be human in the digital age.

This is the second post on the topic of technology, alienation and the role of education, with a particular focus on the consequences for teaching and learning.

The first post was a general introduction to the topic. This post focuses on how technology can lead to alienation, and provides a. The authors present a materialist analysis of the effects of neoliberalism in education. Specifically, they contend that neoliberalism is a form of cultural invasion that begets necrophilia.

Neoliberalism is necrophilous in promoting a cultural. discourse of alienation or of technology, but rather concerns the fate of the human being in the contemporary world and thus requires serious reflection and discussion whether the changes in society, culture, and human existence are or are not beneficial, and what we can do to promote a.

The concept of alienation is experienced worldwide by all races and in all contexts. According to the dictionary, the term ‘alienation’ is “the state of being isolated from the objective world”.

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