The influence of pericles on lincolns speech in the books the funeral and the gettysburg address

Lincoln and Northern Millennialism Following his refusal to recant at the Diet of Worms Luther withdrew to the Wartburg, a castle in the modern German state of Thuringia. There Frederick the Elector of Saxony, having obtained the approval of the Holy Roman Emperor, protected the rebellious priest from his persecutors at Rome.

The influence of pericles on lincolns speech in the books the funeral and the gettysburg address

I WAS feeling blithe, almost jocund. I put a match to my cigar, and just thea the mornings mail was handed in. The first superscription I glanced at was in a handwriting that sent a thrill of pleas- ure through and through me. She had been my boyhoods idol; maturity, which is fatal to so many enchautments, had not been able to dislodge her from her pedestal; no, it had only justified her right to be there, and placed her de- thronement permanently among the im- possibilities.

To show how strong her influence over me was, I will observe that long after everybody elses do- stop-smoking had ceased to affect me in the slightest degree, aunt Mary could still stir my torpid conscience into faint signs of life when she touched upon the matter.

But all things have their limit, in this world. A happy day came at last, when even aunt Marys words could no longer move me. I was not merely glad to see that day arrive; I was more than glad I was grateful; for when its sun had set, the one alloy that was able to mar my enjoyment of my aunts so- ciety was gone.

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The remainder of her stay with us that winter was in every way a delight. Of course she pleaded with me just as earnestly as ever, aft- er that blessed day, to quit my perni- cious habit, but to no purpose whatever; the moment she opened the subject I at once became calmly, peacefully, con- tentedly indifferent absolutely, ada- mantinely indifferent.

Consequently the closing weeks of that memorable visit melted away as pleasantly as a dream, they were so freighted, for me, with tranquil satisfaction.

I could not have enjoyed my pet vice more if my gentle tormentor had been a smoker herself, and an advocate of the practice. Well, the sight of her handwriting reminded me that I was getting very hungry to see her again.

I easily guessed what I shoitid find in her letter. Coming this very day, too, and by the morning train; I might expect her any moment.

I said to myself, I am thoroughly happy and content, now. If my most pitiless enemy could appear before me at this moment, I would freely right any wrong I may have done him.

Straightway the door opened, and a shriveled, shabby dwarf entered. He was not more than two feet high.


He seemed to be about forty years old. Every feature and every inch of him was a trifle out of shape; and so, while one Copyright, H.

There was a fox - like cunning in the face and the sharp little eyes, and also alertness and malice. And yet, this vile bit of human rubbish seemed to bear a sort of remote and ill-defined re- semblance to me! It was dully percep- tible in the mean form, the countenance, and even the clothes, gestures, manner, and attitudes of the creature.

The influence of pericles on lincolns speech in the books the funeral and the gettysburg address

He was a far-fetched, dun suggestion of a bur- lesque upon me, a caricature of me in little. One thing about him struck me forcibly, and most unpleasantly: The sight of it was nauseating.

He stepped along with a chipper air, and flung himself into a dolls chair in a very free and easy way, without wait- ing to be asked.

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He tossed his hat into the waste basket. He picked up my old chalk pipe from the floor, gave the stem a wipe or two on his knee, filled the bowl from the tobacco-box at his side, and said to me in a tone of pert com- mand, Gimme a match!

I blushed to the roots of my hair; partly with indignation, but mainly be- cause it somehow seemed to me that this whole performance was very like an ex- aggeration of conduct which I myself had sometimes been guilty of in my in- tercourse with familiar friends, but never, never with strangers, I observed to myself.

I wanted to kick the pygmy into the fire, but some incomprehensible sense of being legally and legitimately under his authority forced me to obey his order. He applied the match to the pipe, took a contemplative whiff or two, an l remarked, in an irritatingly famil- iar way, Seems to me it s devilish odd weath- er for this time of year.

I flushed again, and in anger and humiliation as before; for the language was hardly an exaggeration of some that I have uttered in my day, and moreover was delivered in a tone of voice and with an exasperating drawl that had the seeming of a deliberate travesty of my style.

Now there is nothing I am quite so sensitive about as a mocking imita- tion of my drawling infirmity of speech.

I spoke up sharply and said, Look here, you miserable ash-cat!the life of abraham lincoln by henry ketcham to my two older brothers, john lewis ketcham, and william alexander ketcham, who under abraham lincoln as commander-in-chief loyally served their country in the war for the perpetuation of the union and the destruction op slavery, this book is affectionately dedicated.

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