The one that got away

To help us find a clue to our future with our abusive or controlling relative, we need to objectively analyze the past and the present with this person. Experience is a great teacher. If we refuse to learn from past experience, then we need to seek counseling and find out why we are so resistant to the truth.

The one that got away

Originally published July 18, My house is overrun with scorpions, and I hate them. How ungracious of you. First of all, the scorpions were here first, and secondly, they absolutely adore you.

And what do they get from you?

The Black Death,

The back of your Reebok. Well, not your fault personally, but our fault collectively. There are about 35 species of scorpions in Arizona, but only five or six in the Phoenix area, including our personal favorite, the giant hairy scorpion.

But according to Marilyn Bloom, a microbiology research specialist at Arizona State University, there is only one species that really needs concern us: Bloom said there are no accounts of anyone dying of a scorpion sting in the 40 years that records have been kept.

Bloom has an interesting job. With the help of three goats, she produces scorpion antivenin for distribution to area hospitals, doctors and veterinarians. During the summer, she gets a dozen or so requests for antivenin a week. Only bark scorpions climb vertical surfaces. There are scorpions all over the Valley, but many of us have gone for years without ever seeing one, much less getting stung.

Weather stripping and caulking and can prevent scorpions from entering your home. Our security lights and streetlights attract bugs, which, in turn, attract scorpions.

Our rock gardens and woodpiles and laundry rooms and well-watered lawns provide shelter and water. So, as the urban area grows, so does the scorpion population. Today, 75 percent of the calls we get are for scorpions.

The one that got away

Scorpions are most comfortable in conditions 75 to 95 degrees, Putterman said, and chances are the coolness of your house makes them sluggish. On the other hand, spraying will kill their food source, bugs. But killing the bugs might not make that much difference. Bloom says a healthy scorpion can go nine to 12 months without eating.

That means a bark scorpion would be perfectly content to curl up in the toe of a seldom-worn shoe for months on end. Putterman and Bloom offered a number of tips for keeping scorpions away: Switch your outdoor lights from white bulbs to yellow.

Caulk or otherwise plug the spaces where electrical, phone or waterlines enter your house. Ditto in the kitchen and bathrooms where pipes come out of the wall. Clear away, or at least frequently move, woodpiles or any other stuff you might have stacked up near your house.

Conversely, if you want to catch scorpions, leave a damp towel on your kitchen floor overnight. In the morning, pick it up, with tongs or with gloves on, and see what came calling.

Excerpt from Valley Visited 8, times, 4 visits today Related Posts:The One That Got Away is a Philippine television drama romance comedy series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Mark Sicat Dela Cruz and Rado Peru, it stars Lovi Poe, Max Collins, Rhian Ramos and Dennis Trillo in the title role.

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A person who you we're originally supposed to end up with, but due to a cause of fate or by consequences cause by you the relationship failed and as time goes by you wonder what you and that person could have been, making them the one that got away.

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