Writing a reference letter for a colleagues aid

Some student financial aid sources have online applications, but some require an application be sent through the mail.

Writing a reference letter for a colleagues aid

Last night I checked my email before going to bed and saw a request for a recommendation letter from a student.

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It is the sixth request that I have received in the past week. I know many more will come. Every year I teach more than students.

Some go on to doctoral programs, and others seek jobs following graduation. I receive, on average, about 20 reference requests per year -- including requests from former students. To write a good letter takes me about three hours, not including the administrative time that could require other correspondence, and sometimes meeting with the student.

I must think about the candidate, review the CV, pull out old assignments and grades, and review their scholarly work.

A recommendation to limit recommendation letters (essay)

I must also consider the specific program or job to which they have applied and then think how this candidate would be good for this specific site. What qualities make this a good match? It is true that some medical schools and graduate schools are opting for online platforms such as Interfolio and the SOPHAS systems that facilitate submission of a common letter to all programs to which the student is applying.

However, not all programs have joined in. Some others have adopted the common platform but still require that each person be rated on a scale and other essay questions be answered. Many of these essay questions overlap in content with the letter.

So to sum up, for each student who requests a letter, I must spend approximately three hours to write the letter itself and between one and three hours on administrative details such as uploading, checking the questions on the rating scale for each site or program, and filling in my contact information on forms.

Multiply this by multiple applications per cycle i. I also know such letters are vital to my students. For most academic programs and jobs, applications cannot be submitted without three letters of recommendation.

So why do I, and my colleagues, consider this to be a drain on our time?

writing a reference letter for a colleagues aid

Because I know that, in many cases, the letter of recommendation will not be reviewed. In my experience on admissions and selections committees, the academic CV, relevant experiences and quantifiable data are what put the candidate under consideration.

It is only after a candidate has cleared the initial review that recommendation letters are read. Moreover, the purpose of these required letters is somewhat suspicious.

Presumably, the point of the letter is to indicate whether the candidate is a good worker -- the letter must be trusted to provide some information that cannot be ascertained from a CV. But research indicates that the letter of recommendation is a poor predictor of job and academic performance.

The letter also introduces the potential for biascalling into question its usefulness and appropriateness altogether. Considering that these letters are sometimes an elaborate exercise in rubber-stamping, how necessary are they?

If we are seeking to have an unbiased system of student and employee selection, unencumbered by nepotism and personal favors, we should consider alternatives to the recommendation letter. In academics, I would like to think that ours is not a system of who you know but what you do.

In which case, the CV and transcripts should be the first line of data. In our lab at Yale School of Medicine, my mentor implemented a triage system for considering applicants. Applications are reviewed and letters requested only from those who are under serious consideration.

Given the hundreds of applications that we receive every year, we have likely saved -- at minimum -- three work hours per applicant. That potentially translates to hundreds of hours of letter-writer time saved.

From informal discussions and from research itself, I have learned that many people are unwilling to write negative things in letters, hoping that the review committees will read between the lines.

So from what I can tell, it comes down to this: Because when it comes to selecting graduate students, interns, postdocs or employees, the most predictive information comes from the quantifiable data.Writing a reference letter is an important task as the chances of an individual being considered by the recipient of the letter will be partly determined by the nature of the reference letter.

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This site offers valuable information, guides and sample reference letters and reference letter . Writing a Letter of Recommendation and Recommendation Letter Sample.

Find a Job How do I write a letter of recommendation for a coworker? It shows they hold you in high regard and think you had a good relationship when you worked together.
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How do I write a letter of recommendation for a coworker? Recommendation letters are written in order to assist people to get good jobs, to get selected for training programs, to join workshops etc. Sometimes, recommendation letters are also written for procedures like adoption etc.
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If you are applying for a new job, keep your recommendation letter sample ready. If some of your colleagues, subordinates or friends are applying for a job somewhere, you may be asked to write a the same letter for them.

Requesting a letter of recommendation is not an exact science, but the tips above should serve as a helpful guide. Just like with every other step in the scholarship search process, knowing how to best solicit a letter of recommendation will only help you in the long run.

recommendation for him and also request you to grant him a full scholarship or financial aid to him, which will help him perform well as he has so far in his medical career.

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